Our common goal is World Peace.

Building Partnerships

In the quest for peace, we believe in building a team of partners for a common goal.

Since 2008, World Peace Initiative Foundation has trained over 1,180 people across the world in peace building and mindfulness practice. Over 108,430 registered members continue to benefit from our fellowships and free online resources.

Our worldwide network continues to grow with our partners. In becoming a partner, we can work on future projects together, offer our representatives to provide trainings or workshops for your organizational capacity building, or offer opportunities for you and them to join our international events!

Our partners benefit from the following:

  • Empower your personnel through participation in our self-development courses.
  • Cooperate in organizing events and activities.
  • Collaborate on sponsorship or promotion.
  • Build and develop personal, professional and leadership skills through stress reduction, increased concentration and creativity, and better overall health and wellbeing
  • Enhance productivity, effectiveness, and communication.
  • Expand work and life balancing skills
  • Become part of an international network of inspirational skilled leaders and change-makers.

What we offer

  • Free online sessions, presentations, techniques and tools for self-development
  • Free capacity building workshops wherever you are facilitated by our trainers and coaches
  • Collaborate with us in a wide range of activities, events and projects where we operate worldwide

We need your help!

We continue to value the importance of collaborations and we have room for more.
We would love to meet your organization and to collaborate with you!

Become a Partner

Our Featured Partners

World Peace Initiative is collaborating strategically with many peace partners: