Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation as a tool for achieving mindfulness & benefits in our daily life

These courses are open to anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of meditation as a tool for achieving mindfulness and the different ways and benefits that it has in our daily life. Courses are flexible and can be designed according to the interests and wishes of customers.

These are some of the topics offered:

  • Benefits of mindfulness
  • Stress management
  • Tips for work life balance
  • How to improve work performance and concentration?
  • Art and science behind happiness
  • Meditation and self-development
  • Meditation and creativity
  • A Monk’s life, living in harmony with nature

Courses are facilitated by meditation and mindfulness trainers and coaches as well as by meditation Teaching Monks and certified meditation trainers. During these courses, participants are able to try meditation, as well as learn about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in daily life.


We live in a world so attached to external stimulus. Every time that a conflict arises we try to see for reasons or solution outside ourselves, forgetting and detaching ourselves every time more from our great inner power and wisdom. Most of the time solutions and understanding lies within ourselves.

These courses are mainly designed to anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of meditation as a tool for achieving mindfulness and the different ways and benefits that this has in our daily life.

Participants from all over the world will learn how meditation can help them achieve inner peace. They will be able to develop positive thinking, gain emotional resilience, and increase human capacities such as empathy and kindness.


  • To explore the new concept of meditation and mindfulness.
  • To empower people interested in using meditation as a tool to increase the wellbeing and happiness of people.
  • To practice mindfulness during yoga and other activities.
  • To create personal resilience by developing positive thinking, gaining emotional power and increasing important human capacities of empathy and kindness.
  • To promote tools of nonviolent communication that can be applied to all cultures, religions and professions.
  • To understand meditation as a tool that helps us return to our natural understanding of peace related to love, compassion and empathy.
  • To learn practical methods of stress management.

What We Provide

Meditation Guides

Provided by a Buddhist monk or certified meditation instructors

Course Manuals

Access to course presentation files available online

Further Development

Opportunity to participate in further conferences and retreats in the region and in Thailand


Some conferences will also be translated to a local language as well


Free online self-development preparation and coaching prior to a training

Online meditation

Free online meditation guide facilitated by Buddhist monks and meditation trainers upon requested

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