Peace In Peace Out

Connecting Peaceful Minds Across the Planet

Peace Revolution is a project born in 2008 in Thailand aiming to promote the culture of peace through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Peace Revolution’s slogan, Peace In Peace Out (PIPO), stands for each individual’s choice to be the change they want to see in the world. We believe that world peace is achievable, but just if each individual works on developing his inner peace first. Hence, when improving our inner peace, we are contributing to develop a peaceful environment around us.

Thus, through individual mindful action, we can make sustainable world peace a tangible reality.

Peace Revolution offers a free online self-development program that lasts 42 days and teaches meditation techniques for the inner peace development of participants. The program offers daily-guided meditation sessions and the chance to think about certain topics in order to support the self-development of participants and the practice of mindfulness in their daily life.

Participants can apply to the free meditation retreats that Peace Revolution hosts in different regions of the world as well as Thailand. Taking part in one fellowship gives participants the opportunity of developing their self-development through the daily practice of meditation and thanks also to the interactive courses and workshops that take place during the retreats. Fellowships also offer the option of interacting with people from other parts of the world that are going through the same path sharing the same objective; be the change they want to see in the world to achieve a more sustainable and peaceful global way of living.

International Experience
Global Peace on the Move
Yoga Practice
Global Peace on the Move
Loving Kindness Meditation
Global Peace on the Move
Spiritual Dialogue
Global Peace on the Move
Global Peace on the Move
Meditation with nature
BRIDGE Fellowship
Peace and happiness
Central and Western Africa Fellowship
Daily Mindfulness
CAC Fellowship
Team Building
SEE Fellowship
Lakeside Meditation
AMANDLA Fellowship
Organizational Networking
AMANDLA Fellowship
Woman Empowerment
Heya Fellowship
Art Creation
Artistic Meditation Retreat
Art Creation
European Fellowship
Peace Position
Global Peace on the Move
Group Dynamics
Global Peace on the Move

Upcoming Opportunities

You can learn more about the project on Peace Revolution website.